Hello, it’s nice to meet you.

Hello, it’s nice to meet you.

From leadership to clinicians, IT, HR and beyond, we’re a team dedicated to improving the health and quality of the lives of our patients.

Along with our sister pharmacies, we operate under a parent company called April Health.

Russell Zukin

Chief Executive Officer

email rzukin@aprilrx.com 

Jonathan Han, PharmD

Chief Operating Officer

office (650) 412-4555 x101
fax (844) 666-2779
email jhan@aprilrx.com

Aaron Bukofzer

General Counsel, Director of Compliance

office (650) 412-4555 x103
fax (844) 289-1999
email abukofzer@aprilrx.com

Anne Clouse, PharmD

Director of Quality

office (650) 412-4555 x141
email aclouse@aprilrx.com

Ann Jacob, PharmD, AAHIVP

Director of Specialty Pharmacy Operations

office (650) 412-4555 x104
email ajacob@aprilrx.com

Nicole Kimura-Hughes, PMP

Project Manager

office (650) 412-4555 x148
email nhughes@aprilrx.com

Jason Lee, PharmD, MS, AAHIVP

Director of Information Systems

office (650) 412-4555 x127
email jlee@aprilrx.com

Tiffany Vuong Ling

Director of Human Resources

office (650) 412-4555 x126
email tling@aprilrx.com

Jillian McNamee

Director of Marketing

office (650) 412-4555 x149
email jmcnamee@aprilrx.com

Rachel Borst, PharmD

Pharmacy Supervisor

office (650) 412-4530 x119
email rachel.borst@alphascriptrx.com  

Wayne Chen, PharmD

Production Supervisor

office (650) 412-4530 x125
email wayne.chen@alphascriptrx.com

Chinye Nalls-Ahaiwe, PharmD

Pharmacy Supervisor

office (650) 412-4530 x501
email chinye.nalls@alphascriptrx.com