We are excited to announce that Alphascript has earned Mail Service Pharmacy Accreditation from URAC by demonstrating a commitment to patient care, accountability, consumer protection and quality improvement. In addition to our Specialty Pharmacy designation, this is our second accreditation from URAC.

“We are extremely happy to have achieved a second accreditation from URAC,” said Jonathan Han, COO of April Health, Alphascript’s parent company. “Our mission is to improve the health and quality of the lives of our patients and Mail Service Pharmacy Accreditation is another measure of that commitment.”

Alphascript underwent a virtual review to evaluate compliance with URAC’s Mail Service Pharmacy accreditation spanning several areas including organizational policies and procedures, quality management, customer service and more. The review included interviews with staff and evaluation of organizational documents.

“As mail service pharmacy options grow, it is important to have a means of verifying that an organization can address the dynamic of cost and quality. Alphascript chose to demonstrate its commitment to industry best practices and regulatory compliance by undergoing a rigorous URAC review and receiving an accreditation of its services,” said URAC President and CEO Shawn Griffin, M.D. “Alphascript showcases an ability to offer cost-effective care without compromising quality.”

Founded in 1990, URAC is a nonprofit accreditation entity. URAC uses evidence-based measures to develop standards that promote industry best practices, encourage quality improvement and protect and empower customers.

Learn more about Alphascript’s accreditations here.