Happy American Pharmacists Month! This month and every month we are thankful for Alphascript pharmacists’ dedication to their patients, communities and profession.

We sat down with Ann Jacob, our director of specialty pharmacy operations, to talk about her career, advice for new pharmacists and the work Alphascript does to provide exceptional patient care.

What do you like most about your job?

I am the director of specialty pharmacy operations, so the irony is right now I don’t work as a pharmacist. But to put it simply – I like the impact that my work has on the growth of Alphascript now that I’m more focused on the business side of things.

I don’t directly impact the lives of our patients right now, unfortunately. But through the decisions I make and the projects I do, I help our pharmacists make a great impact in a patient’s life, improving our services, improving patient care.

So when I step back and look at Alphascript’s growth and the impact my work has had, I am extremely proud.

Why did you become a pharmacist?

Both of my siblings are in the medical field. My brother is a doctor and my sister is a pharmacist. So I thought, I’m going to be like one of them, follow their path. But I made the decision on my own once I got into pharmacy. I became a pharmacy technician when I was 17 and just doing that job and experiencing what working in a pharmacy is like made me realize that’s what I wanted to pursue.

I had a selfish reason too, I’m afraid of blood, so there was that. But I realized you can still make an impact in someone’s life even if you’re not a doctor. You can make an impact through optimizing drug therapy for patients and improving the outcomes of their health.

What do you like about working at Alphascript?

My voice is heard. That’s the number one thing – I make a big impact. If I had worked for any other big corporate pharmacy, I would just be one among the many.

And that’s true of pharmacists and staff at Alphascript in general. They always have a say and we encourage everyone to speak up if they have ideas. We want people to come and talk to us. We like people who think like that; people that are always looking for how we can keep making things better.

What’s something you’re currently working on?

We’re hiring, so working with HR to make sure that the department is appropriately staffed.

Another is continuing to make data-driven decisions. Things like how we measure the performance of the department and what metrics we can look at to make better decisions in the future.

Do you have a motto or personal mantra?

I’ve always believed you shouldn’t postpone anything, even in my personal life. Seize opportunities when they’re presented to you.

My other thing is – kick your ego. There’s no place for ego anywhere, have humility. That will take you places.

What advice do you have for new pharmacists?

Don’t be afraid to ask for help or ask questions. The more you educate yourself, the better you are.

And be professional. Never burn a bridge if you can help it. Pharmacy is a small world!

Anything you’d like to say to your team to celebrate American Pharmacists Month?

Just…gratitude. Not just for their everyday work, but for all of the above and beyond stuff. At Alphascript our expectations are really high compared to any other pharmacy. And it takes a personality, a specific type of person to keep at it. And everyone we have right now is successful in meeting those expectations. So I’m grateful for them always going above and beyond.


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